My art is mostly abstract, minimal, with an emphasis on process. I try to create new visual effects by changing materials, their surfaces and shapes. I work with glass, wood, polystyrene, plastics, foams, marble, paper and canvas.

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Artist Statement

After a career as a Professor of Materials Science at the University of Sussex in England, and as an industrial researcher at Corning Glass and Norton/St Gobain, I am now experimenting with materials and art. I am inspired by nature, the physical and microscopic world.

I work with glass, plastics, foams, marble, and paper, trying to use my technical knowledge. I try to create new visual effects by changing materials, their surfaces and shapes. I am drawn to light, its reflection and refraction. How it falls on and interacts with different surfaces, e.g. in sculpture, glass or painting. I am also intrigued by geometry and patterns, sometimes reminiscent of crystallography. The results range from simplicity to complexity, order to chaos, but I am always seeking beauty.

In short, my work is usually abstract, minimalist and process based. I have been part of a six-person collective who has put on four art shows at the Sprinkler Factory Building in Worcester since 2012. I frequently show at Arts Worcester of which I am a member. Also at First Parish Church in Northboro and Gallery 263 in Cambridge.


• Professor of Materials Science in England, USA, South
• Research scientist at Corning Glass Research Center.
• Manager of New Materials Research and Senior Scientist
at St Gobain/Norton.
• Ph.D. Cornell University.
• Today, inventor of new materials and processes which
includes my art.


• Worcester Art Museum courses. Sculpture with Lynn
Simmons and critiques with Sue Swinand.
• Worcester Glass Center courses with Alex Bernstein and
Beth Lipman.
• Working cooperatively with a collective of six people,
producing four shows at the Sprinkler Factory Building
Gallery since 2012.
• Arts Worcester, active member since 2009.
• Sprinkler Factory Building studio, Worcester, for 11 years.
• Continuing interest in commercial technical materials and
their properties that can be useful in sculpture and
• Photography as a boy developing films and printing
photos. Later technical photography especially for
microscopy using optical and electron microscopes.


• Worcester Zen Center. Buddhas Over Worcester. $culpturc. 2023.
• Arts Worcester Biennial. Honorable mention award by curator, Conor Moynihan, RISD. 2023
• Arts Worcester. lmpact. 2023
• Arts Worcester. Strut (fashion) 2023
• White Room The Art Glow.2022
• Worcester Craft Center. Artists On Fire.2022
• Arts Worcester. The annual One.2022
• Arts Worcester. Play Da1e.2022.

• JMAC Gallery Pulp show,2021.
• Sprinkler Factory show, Trios 2021.
• Arts Worcester, lnside Voices 2021.

• JMAC Gallery, Pulp show, 2021.
• Sprinkler Factory show, Trios 2021.
• Arts Worcester, Inside Voices 2021.

• Sprinkler Factory “Solo” show 2020
• Arts Worcester. Gravity.2020.• Sprinkler Factory, “Solo” show 2020
• Arts Worcester Shows 2020

•  Arts Worcester. The One. 2020.

• Davis Gallery Show 2019
•  Sprinkler Factory Signal Show.2019
•  Arts Worcester shows 2019

• Davis Gallery Show 2019
• Sprinkler Factory,  Signal Show.2019
• Arts Worcester shows 2019
• Post Road Art Gallery. Abstract theme. 2019.
• Sprinkler Factory Building Gallery. Gold. 2018
• Arts Worcester. Fashion. 2018.
• Sprinkler Factory Building Gallery. Continuum, 5 Years On.
Collective of six people. May 2017.
• Post Road Art. Landscape Seascape.2017
• Arts Worcester Biennial. 2017.
• Davis Art. Non-Objective. 2017
• Post Road Gallery. Shadow theme. The public chose the most
popular. March 2016.
• Northboro Unitarian Universalist Church. Solo show
October 2015.
• Davis Gallery. Just Wood. 2015.
• Danforth Art Museum. Annual show. 2015.
• Arts Worcester. Shows 2015.
• Sprinkler Factory Building Gallery. The Space Between.
Collective of five people. April 2014.
• Arts Worcester. Shows. 2014.
• Gallery 263 Cambridge. Selected for the Fifth Anniversary,
Wood show. December 2013.
• Arts Worcester Biennial 2013. Two works were chosen.
Received honorable mention award for sculpture.
• Boundless Way Temple.“Buddhas Over Worcester”.
Outdoor sculpture exhibition, 2013.
• Northboro Unitarian Universalist Church. “Art In The
Church”. with Lynn Simmons. 2012.
• Arts Worcester 2009-2019
•Sprinkler Factory Building Gallery, “State of Play”.
Organized by my collective. 2012.
• Sprinkler Factory Building Gallery,” The Eye Is Not A
Camera”. Organized by collective. 2012.
• American Ceramics Society award for microstructure
photograph at the exhibition, 1985.
• Xray diffraction pattern shown in Arts/Science exhibition
which toured the UK in the 1970s.